Pulse ERP

We offer industry specific ERP software at a reasonable price. PULSE, our ERP for Sugar industry received tremendous response. It is worth mentioning here that we already have about 90 Sugar customers in India and overseas, who have been with us for the last 20 years and are gradually switching over to PULSE.

The IT industry today is revolving around ERP, when it comes to Business Software. Considering the astronomical costs involved in software development, tailor-made business software has become prohibitively expensive for most organizations. Smaller organizations are successfully able to adopt ready-made software packages. However medium-size and larger organization’s needs are not fulfilled by these off-the-shelf ready-made packages. That is where ERP solutions come into the picture.

The system has the option for interfacing with HHT with bar code scanner and HHT’s for remote data capture at the gate or the out centers. The HHT’s can also be used for pre-season survey for calculating total cane area available during the season.

The system is especially useful for large organization with multiple units, since the system has an interface for online data communication using Leased Line or VSAT networks.