Weighment System

Smart Weighment System

Weighing is critical and integral to business operations, right from inward movement of raw material to outward movement of finished goods. At each stage, while the system needs to maintain consistency and accuracy and ensure that there are no losses, it also needs to satisfy the most important stakeholder – the customer. Traditionally, customers are concerned about the reliance on operators, as this presents an opportunity for willful or inadvertent errors during weighing.

Amity’s SWS is one of the most sought-after and proven weighing solutions available in the industry. Designed for 24×7 heavy-duty operations in industries requiring bulk weighing, especially cement, agriculture, steel, mining, manufacturing, sugar, fertilizer and construction. Smart Weighment Solution offers a robust, scalable option, independent of human interface.

Amity’s SWS is designed to reengineer workflows and automate weighing operations.