Management System

Insurance Management System

Rapid technological advances and continually-evolving business models over the past two decades have revolutionized the insurance business approach, both for companies as well as customers. Today, customers want minimal human interaction, while companies, too, are interested in providing a seamless environment to facilitate all operational requirements across the process. In today’s dynamic paradigm, Amity’s solutions are helping companies to increase their concentration on enhancing their core business activities, using automation for interpreting as well as streamlining processes, across all core and support activities.

Amity’s Insurance Management System is a comprehensive insurance suite which assists insurance companies by supporting their core insurance operations, including new business, underwriting, distribution channel management, policy administration, claims management, insurance accounting, reinsurance, etc. The solution is geared to help reduce operational costs while delivering excellent customer service.

An important role is also played by brokers. Amity provides a specialized system for enabling brokers to extend personalized and value-added services to end-customers by constructing for them a custom-built package of insurance offerings designed for their specific needs.

Our solutions for the insurance industry conform to global quality standards and deliver a seamlessly integrated experience for our clients.

Amity’s solutions for the insurance sector are:


All our solutions are flexible and are accessible to users across platforms, including web and mobile.