Real Estate
Management System

Amity REMS (Real Estate Management System)

Real estate is a sector where price sensitivity is extremely high even as input costs are continually rising. Delivering on demanding customer expectations and the need for strict compliance on safety and regulatory norms are non-negotiable criteria that the industry must ensure. These, in a highly competitive market, further put stress on profitability thereby requiring close monitoring and management across the entire lifecycle.

Technology blended with industry best practices to automate real estate management, if deployed correctly, can be a game-changer.

Amity’s REMS (Real Estate Management System), is an advanced, state-of-the-art solution encompassing all requirements across all workflows of real estate operations, serving as a complete ERP system for real estate companies. It covers all operations from land acquisition to project management, lead generation to sales, financial management, material management, titles and deed management.

Amity REMS provides real time critical information and analytics to bring in efficiency, accountability and alerts, to enhance timely and accurate decision making.

It further improves customer engagement while bringing in standardization and reducing administrative overheads.