Management System

Agriculture Management System

Amity’s AMS addresses the concerns of productivity, quality, security, transparency and seamless integration across technologies and user types. Designed for scale and uninterrupted operations, the systems are in use for mission critical operations across diverse Agri businesses. In operations in over 150 agri businesses across South Asia and Africa, our AMS blends agriculture domain knowledge and industry best practices with cutting-edge technology for enterprise-wide deployment for 24×7 operations.

Amity’s Agriculture Management System (AMS) is designed to manage the complete crop lifecycle for agribusiness companies, factories, agriculture institutes and large-scale farms. Our solution enables agribusinesses to maintain good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of crop by managing and monitoring each aspect of cultivation. Implementation of Amity’s AMS has helped transform operations and enable informed and timely decision-making consistently.

In line with the specific requirements of different types of crops and their associated business models, Amity’s AMS options are: