Loyalty & e-Purse

Amity Software has designed and developed an e-Purse using Smart card & Hand Held Battery Operated Terminal. e-Purse holder can load money on the card through Internet or directly. He/She can use the card at any participating merchant establishment for shopping. The card holder can make purchases and instead of cash present his Smart card. e-Purse is debited by the purchase amount. The merchant establishments in turn receive their payment against their sale from the company.

E-Purse is an ideal solution for

  • Multi-Level Marketing organization
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions

We have launched the loyalty and E-purse system in our prestigious project called Sarit AMCard system.

Sarit centre is a prestigious Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. It has approximately 130 establishments located in the premises and has a large exhibition area too.

Amity Software– service provider and scheme operators. Sarit centre has decided to upgrade the existing loyalty scheme to make it more member friendly. The following purposes are catered to by the new scheme:-

  • Loyalty

  • E-Purse

Sarit Exhibitions and Promotions Limited(SEPL) runs a Loyalty & E-Purse scheme – the Sarit Loyalty Card. Any shopper can become a “member” of the scheme by fulfilling the requirements specified in the membership eligibility section . Once a member, he/she is issued a Sarit Loyalty card and is entitled to earn Loyalty Points on the value of purchases made from the participating merchants. These points can be redeemed into value, as per pre-defined rules, to be used for further spend at the merchant outlets.

A member also carries an Electronic Purse (E-Purse) on his card. He/she can load money in his/her E-Purse for spending at the participating merchants. This E-Purse balance is non-refundable and usable at participating merchant outlets only.

Merchants are debited for the loyalty points given to members by them. The merchants are also debited for Additional / Bonus loyalty points given to members, by virtue of their receiving payment through E-Purse instead of cash/credit card.

The Sarit Loyalty card and E-Purse system will be a community directed application wherein the participants will be the following:

  • Sarit centre shopper – the member

  • Sarit centre Retail tenants – the merchants

  • Sarit Promotions and Exhibitions Limited, the Sarit centre Administration – the host and the owners of the scheme

Loyalty Points on Sarit AMCard

Loyalty Point is the reward to the customer, against purchase from the Merchant outlets. Usually 1 Loyalty Point is awarded against purchase of every Kshs 100. At the Petrol station 1 Loyalty point is awarded for every 200 Kshs purchase.

E-purse on Sarit AMCard

Members can load money into the E Purse which can be used for the purchases at participating merchants.

Due to our Loyalty and E-purse system, clients were appreciated through customers.





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