Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

We assure quality solutions on customer side with Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS). This could help people with the voice response guidance. One can easily avail the facilities on IVRS. Products that we are using IVRS,

  • Sarit KIOSK for cross-loyalty
  • Smart Weighment system
  • Parking Management system

This could be quite easier and it can availed with the solutions on guidance for loyalty and parking management system.

IVRS usage in our products

Sarit Kiosk is one of our product  that we are providing cross loyalty service on redemption of points in smart card shopping. Here IVRS will provide the information on  loyalty and E-purse information with the voice response. This could be very helpful on customers who were shopping in the mall.

Smart Weighment system is the product that will provide the information on weighment of sugarcane and tea weighment. Here IVRS acts as a voice responder for farmers who were came to sell their products.

IVRS will provide information's through voice response and it can be availed by the farmers as well as supply managers and clerks who are working in the factory.

Salient Features on IVRS

  • Reducing time and cost
  • Information can be gathered and used easily.
  • Proper voice responding
  • Easy to use.


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