Information & Technology

Exceptional expertise in microprocessor based Smart cards with higher capacity chip modules and solutions for high security applications. Amity Software works with various technologies to improve the project design and improving customisation and quality standards.

Our Products in Information & Technology

  • High Frequency Hand Held 
  • Ultra High Frequency Hand Held
  • High Frequency Battery operated Hand Held terminals with various configurations.

Query by Mobile System

Query By Mobile System(QMS) is the fucntionality that provides the communication through SMS on mobile system and it can be used in many way with more advantages that we provide in it. This could help people to clarify the problems through SMS Services.. more...

Interactive Voice Response System

We assure quality solutions on customer side with Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS). This could help people with the voice response guidance. One can easily avail the facilities on IVRS. Products that we are using IVRS, more...

Our Solution in Information & Technology

Bespoke Software Solutions

We are Developing and innovating the softwares for client that are much satisfied with them.

Our Bespoke software solutions deliberately working for the new technologies using Hand Held Terminals,Query by mobile systems and Interactive voice response systems.This should be very useful on client side and increasing our industrial level.more..



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