We would like to highlight the environment within which our company has been conceived and has evolved as testimony of our trailblazing reputation. With the advent of IBM PC compatible Personal Computers in India, Our organization became one of India's first software development houses to specialize in LOW-COST, USER-FRIENDLY, READY-TO-USE packages! Starting with only 5 professionals and a single room office in 1984, we pioneered an entirely new concept in software development.

In an era of high-value and expensive packages, we were the first to introduce OFF-THE-SHELF PACKAGED SOLUTIONS catering to most of the major commercial requirements - viz. Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll, amongst others - at a fraction of the cost and effort! Some of our Products are:


India's first ready-made user friendly financial accounting software is an industry success story which has heralded the advent of software for non-computer professionals. Our company soon became a major name amongst providers of software solutions in the country. Following the success of MUNIMJI, we went on to pioneer many more such firsts, which included, 

PANDITJI, India's first fully functional Astrology, Horoscope and Matchmaking package based on the ancient North Indian system and

SHABD RACHNA, India's first Desk Top Publishing Software in Devanagiri script, are illustrative of our diverse skills.

We have also many more specialized packages developed and implemented including Linear Programming and Project Management. Starting with DOS-based solutions, we soon went on to develop customized solutions, based on UNIX, for specific industry segments including areas such as COTTON BLEND OPTIMIZATION Software for Cotton Spinning Mills and COMPUTERIZATION OF SUGARCANE PURCHASE OPERATIONS for Sugar Industry.

Our contribution and pioneering work won us the prestigious "BEST INDIAN PRODUCTS" Award for three consecutive years, (from the years 1988 to 1991), by the leading PC magazine, "PC WORLD", India. The testimony of the enduring quality of our software solutions is that most of these solutions are still in use more than a decade after they were first launched. The salient characteristic of these solutions is the extreme simplicity of their operations! 

After making our mark in the ready-to-use software packages for common business applications, we decided to focus on specialized applications for vertical Industry segments. Amity has always been focused to provide quality Software Solutions and Service to its customers and are committed to continuously improve on this front and now we have embarked on journey towards CMMI Level 5 by first Quarter of 2013.



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