Hand Held & Mobile Solutions

Amity deserve the way of producing the functionality on Hand Held devices and mobile solutions. Hand held devices were using on the parking management system, farmer communication system and so on. Query mobile system can be used on providing explanations or information to the customer regarding the products and solutions that we are providing to the customers.

Hand Held Devices

Hand Held devices can be controlled and maintained on parking management system, farmer communication system, smart weighment and so on. This will provide a billing system on parking management system and smart weighment.

Hand held devices used in our products

The following products that we are using Hand Held devices to provide interaction on industry.

  • Parking Management system
  • Medical Solutions
  • Smart Weighment
  • Tea Weighment

Hand held devices can be mainly used and that can be more satisfied on customers and industry. This will reduce the cost and time management will be increased.

Advantage of Using Hand Held Devices

  • Time management
  • Reducing cost
  • Easy way of billing
  • Parking management system is easier

Mobile Solutions

The following functionality that we provide on mobile solutions and that can be more easier to communicate with customer needs and trend can be developed through customer satisfactions. The following functionality on Mobile solutions,

SMS based query mobile system

This system is mainly used to communicate with the customers and more way it can be used.

It can be easier on solving the problems on  customers with providing relevant information's through SMS.

This is quite easier and more interactive too. suggestions can be sent through SMS and it can be resolved with the relevant solutions

Advantages of Mobile Solutions

  • SMS based service
  • High responsive
  • Time Management is easier
  • reducing cost and getting more information's.




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