Fleet Management System

We have been working in the area of GPS and fleet management for a couple of years and have developed a deep understanding of handling of large volumes of data generated from a large fleet of vehicles on the move 24x7 and serving a large audience of users accessing the system from various devices like desktops and mobile devices.

We have developed our own GPS device with proprietary software and firmware to handle the special needs of our customers. We have also designed a device with GSM/GPRS SIM cards and with a fall back mechanism. In case one network fails to communicate, the network of second SIM card takes over so that tracking information continues to be communicated. We are actively working on technologies like assisted GPS where if for some reasons GPS data is not available, the position of the vehicle is determined using the cell phone tower data

Our people have gained valuable experience in developing and maintaining the hardware and software associated with a true fleet management system which manages all the functions associated with fleet management.

Process on Fleet Management System

Smart Fuel Station System - An Operator less system. Users do fuelling themselves
Association of User with Vehicle/equipment - Users are accountable for genuine and intended use.
Fully Automated Voucher System - It is virtually paperless except that there is provision for issuance of receipt at Fuel Station.
Vehicle Tracking - Every Sony Sugar’s Vehicle is tracked in real-time.

Salient Features

  • All vehicles and equipments can be tracked on real time mode
  • Vehicle’s current location, speed, engine status, fuel status can be checked at click of a button.
  • Any vehicle can be forced to move within the geographical boundaries. Such geographical boundary can be created by using Geo fencing feature of the system remotely by authorized user only.
  • Supervisor or authorized user can stop vehicle remotely by shutting-off engine. In such event engine can be started again by Supervisor only.
  • Trip replay is possible to check speeding, etc.
  • Vehicle historical data can be found on click of the button.


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