Farmer Communication System

What it is?

Farmer Communication System specifically aims at establishing and managing relationship with Farmers by providing easy to use mode of communications and avenues to communicate and obtain crop related data and other relevant information.

Why FCS?

Every sugar factory wants to keep its farmers happy - else they would go away and rather supply their cane to another factory or even stop growing sugarcane (switch over to some other crop). Better facilities and better communication makes the farmer happy and eliminates the communication gap between the factory management and the farmer.

Components Used

The Farmer SRM Platform comprises of following User-Interface components -

  • Web Portal
  • SMS- based Query Management Services and SMS Intervention
  • Interactive Voice Response Service (IVRS)

We are providing following advantages to frequently communicate the farmer with factory as per the needs.


Farmer’s Friendly

Through this service farmer gets “alerts” regarding their Bonding Data, Supply Tickets, Sugarcane Receipts, and Farmer payments through SMS


System become more transparent for both parties i.e. Sugar Factory as well as Farmer

Communication Bridge

FCS(Farmer Communication System) is primarily for improving communication with the farmers.



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