EWS for Tea Industry

Electronic Weighment System:

AMITY specializes in "In-field Weighing" of different commodities like Tea Leaf, Milk, Sugarcane, Banana, Other agricultural produce. Custom made equipment has been designed and developed/adopted for this purpose. This includes:

  • A Bluetooth Hanging Scale
  • An industrial grade, rugged Hand-held PDA computer
  • A Mobile Printer
  • Proprietary Application Software for PDA as well as for Server end

The objective of this project is to

  • Weigh the 'commodity' from the 'supplier' (farmer in most of the cases) at remote buying locations.
  • Eliminate the 'malpractices' in weighing – underweighing or overweighing.
  • Eliminate the 'mistakes' in weighing – to ensure that each 'consignment' is credited to 'correct' supplier – a very common mistake in the manual system.
  • Faster weighing and thus improved efficiency of the staff

Salient features of EWS are:

  • Identification of the 'supplier' through a Smart Card
  • Identifiaction of each 'consignment' through RFID technology
  • 'Automatic Detection' of Buying Locations through GPS
  • 'Automatic Transmission' of 'Correct Weight' data from Hanging Scale to PDA
  • Immediate Generation of a "Receipt" using the Mobile Printer
  • Instant updation of inforamtion at Factory server, using cellphone companies network
  • All equipments communiacting 'wirelessly' without using any 'cables'
  • All equipments are battery opearted thus not dependent on Electricity supply
  • All equipments are IP54 designed for OUTDOOR operations with exposure to sunlight, rainfall, dust, and free fall
  • A "Delivery Note" can be generated for all consignments purchased and now being transferred to factory
  • Provision of re-weighing of individual consignment or "a batch of consignments" at the factory, so as to work out "shortages" in transit.


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