India has been predominently agriculture based economy. Since, it has not been treated as an industry. IT Revolution has literaly bypassed it. Amity Software recognized the potential and has been working to provide technology based solutions to improve productivity and efficiency to directly influence life of indian formers.

We have been working closely with famers, Industry leaders, government officials and other stake holders to understand requirement and bring out solutions. Some of the solutions are,

Kisaan Dot Net (

  • Use by 40 Million Farmers, UP Cane Commisioner.
  • Received commonwealth award.

Farmer Communication System

A Communication platform to improve information accessability, Relationship Management and Capacity building.

It is ready to adopted for Farmer eduction, extension programs, Webcasting, etc. more...

Field Management System

Mobile Based computer solutions to map and calculate plot areas, monitor crop development, issue short communications to farmers for operation , coordination, etc.

Field workers development, Work measurement, work management compensation, etc.

Crop Specific Solutions

We study and provide crop specific solutions also.




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