Agricultural Management System

Agriculture Management System, commonly known as AMS, has been designed to manage the life cycle of Sugarcane crop for sugar factories. This software enables sugarcane factories to manage good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugarcane by helping to manage and monitor all aspects of cultivation of sugarcane to harvesting, weighing, and transportation of the sugarcane crop to the factory. The system also manages the payments to farmers and contractors with their complete accounting.

AMS includes following modules

Out growers development module

This module includes all processes and documentation of new land recruitment, contracting, and managing relationships with sugarcane farmers, who are suppliers to the factory.

Nucleus estate module

This module includes the management of sugarcane crop in factory's own farm. Usually nucleus estates contribute significantly to sugar factory's supply and a whole lot of people are involved in managing the same.

Cane development module

Processes of managing, distribution, monitoring, and accounting of sugarcane seed, fertilizers, pesticides etc, which is usually given to farmers, as well as to factory's nucleus estate, constitute this module of AMS.

Agricultural engineering module

Process of managing, monitoring, and accounting for various agricultural operations performed on sugarcane crop by the factory. Operations like ploughing, land preparation, irrigation etc, which are done in the field, by the factory, at appropriate times, are all included in this module. This module also keeps tracks of various Agriculture implements and vehicles managed by this department.

Crop growth monitoring module

This module is for monitoring the actual physical growth of sugarcane crop in each field and also for taking corrective measures at proper time for incidences like outbreak of crop diseases, animal attack etc. Monitoring is done by field staff, who fill-up required information in pre-defined formats. This information is entered in the system and analyzed.

Agronomy and data analysis module

This module handles all analysis, research, and statistical analysis of sugarcane crop data by the sugar factory. Usually there is an independent "Agronomy" section doing this work and this module handles their complete information needs.

Harvesting and transport module

One of the most critical module which handles harvesting activities, including scheduling, labor deputation, cutter payments, and issuance of proper documents for various cane consignments. The harvested cane's transportation is also managed by this module. Transporters accounting and truck movement reports are part of this module.

Weigh bridge module

This module does the actual weighing of sugarcane at the factory or outside purchasing centers. This module integrates with Electronic Weigh bridges (Truck scales) to capture weight data automatically from the weigh bridge.

Farmers accounts and payments module

The most critical one since it handles money. This module accounts for all farmer "loans and payments" and maintains "complete accounts" for each farmer. This module gets data from all above modules so as to keep accurate accounting for each farmer. All the farmer payments are made through this module only.

Contractors accounts and payments module

This module handles accounts for all contractor advances & payments and maintains complete accounts for each contractor.

E-Payment using Mobile Phone

This module facilitates electronic payment using mobile phone and the beneficiary gets money in his/her account maintained in mobile phone.

System Integration with SAP

This module manages the integration part with the renowned ERP (SAP). This integration enables communication between the two separate Systems(AMS & SAP).

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