Creating business impact through transformation & enhanced efficiency

Amity Advantage

We have evolved as a credible and trusted partner with an established track record of delivering business-critical IT solutions to marquee clients across geographies and industries. Key differentiators that distinguish Amity are:

Domain Expertise

Our rich experience of design and development of business-critical products and solutions for our customers has led to us developing deep understanding of the business and objectives of their industries. This has enabled us to build industry-specific enterprise systems that incorporate industry best practices and advanced technologies to emerge as experts and help transform processes, operations and decision-making. Our development strategy integrated with research, design and innovation, has helped us deliver leading edge solutions, geared to help our clients meet their business goals and provide them with a competitive advantage

Global Footprint

Our experience spanning across continents, economies and industries has provided us with unique perspectives and insights which we apply to our approach and problem-solving capabilities, enabling us to deliver global solutions configured to address local requirements.

Operational Excellence

Our people, processes and technologies are integrated and optimized to deliver operational excellence 24x7. Our best-practice methodologies and focus on continuous improvement deliver desired outcomes, aligned with your business objective. The value our solutions bring, range from re-engineering and automation of the processes, thereby eliminating duplications, redundancies and scope for errors and enhancing productivity and transparency. Designed for predictability, scalability and robustness and backed with state-of-the-art security, our systems perform to meet the increasing demands of organizational and business growth with analytics providing critical information, enabling informed and timely decision making as well as strategic business planning.

Amity’s solutions present real-time information as dynamic dashboards for leadership across business functions. These provide, in a single view, the status of all key and critical parameters, to enable operational as well as strategic decisions, forecasting and proactive planning.


Innovation forms the cornerstone of all initiatives at Amity. All our solutions are built to exploit the power of the latest proven technologies, platforms and security systems, embedded into business processes (both commercial as well as specific to user industry needs). We combine our strategic thinking with cutting-edge technology to develop innovative and impactful solutions that anticipate and address future business challenges.

Research for understanding these evolving business landscapes, invention and integration of new products, and reengineering of existing processes is an inherent part of our corporate approach.

Result Oriented

At Amity, we synergize our objectives with those of our customers, measuring our success in enabling our customers succeed. Our solutions assess all impacting parameters and present multi-dimensional and What-If analytics, to enable timely, accurate decisions, mitigating risk and enhancing the probability of success.

Partnership Model

Forging sustainable relationships spanning decades with stakeholders across the spectrum from technology partners to customers, bears testimony to the trust we have built consistently through demonstrating professionalism, quality and adherence to commitment in each transaction. We undertake complete responsibility as a single-window solution provider of integrated enterprise systems blending Amity’s field-proven product implementation and support services.

Our success in this is due to a planned investment to understand the unique challenges and business objectives of each of our customers and their industries and design world-class solutions that surpass our customer’s expectations.